HELLO my name is Best Big Brother

Don’t you love it when you’re shopping and you come across the perfect thing that you weren’t even looking for? Last week I took the boys to start some school shopping. This is the first year that all three of our kids will be in school! Yikes! Knowing that I’m about to sound old here, I’ll say that it does go fast. Our Middle Man will be seven in a couple weeks and he asks almost daily how many days until his birthday. It started out at “three weeks”. The next day he asked and I replied, “three weeks, Middle Man”. Then he got impatient “Yesterday you said three weeks!”. Finally we’re at two and a half weeks. Time drags for little guys :).

Anyway, we were at the store and I found the cutest t-shirt that had to be purchased. One for each of our handsome guys! They didn’t have any more of Middle Man’s size so I ordered that one online. The shirts were on sale for $5.00 plus I had a 20% coupon. Double bonus! The boys are excited to wear these and it makes me smile because they are proud, which they should be! And because time does fly, it’s only a matter of time until they won’t think dressing alike is fun anymore.

P.S. It is my hope that these shirts will still fit when their little sister comes home. Come on referral!








HELLO my name is Best Big Brother

HELLO my name is Best Big Brother



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2 responses to “HELLO my name is Best Big Brother

  1. Cute pictures! I am digging the middle man’s hair:)

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