Mother’s Day at the gardens

This is the first year in my ten years of motherhood, that we did not get together with one of our mothers on Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome privilege and it’s nice getting together, but this year it just kinda worked out that we celebrated with them earlier in the week. This Mother’s Day was all mine. We didn’t have to coordinate schedules or consult anybody regarding the day. I wanted to go somewhere special and different where we could be together hanging out and relaxing. –Enter, the botanical gardens, a short drive from our home. We had never been there as a family and it was only my second time going, but I was hopeful that the boys would enjoy it!

So on Mother’s Day we went to early service at church (and saw Michael W Smith sing!) and then we had a simple brunch at home (which I had mostly prepared the day before). Robert packed us a picnic lunch and we set out for the rest of the day. Let me just say, it was awesome! The weather was great, the park was beautiful and we just kept coming upon prettier and more interesting things to do and see.
me and my special guys

me and my cherubs

In addition to the gorgeous landscaping and ponds, there are various exhibits like an elaborate treehouse and model train station. The kids had a great time exploring flowery stone lined paths, waterfalls and castles fashioned out of sticks and vines. We picnicked by a small pond while the kids pointed out tadpoles. Little Man taught us how to play step tag and the guys threw the football we brought.
There is also a historical mansion on the grounds that’s been turned into a museum. It’s unbelievably huge and elaborate. After we went through the museum we walked the grounds. Each exit led to a secret garden, new path, fountain or sitting area. The boys were having so much fun exploring and Robert and I loved the scenery and grandeur of it all.

A miniature train station all decked out and very ornate. This was one of my favorite exhibits.


the “castle”


the view looking up from inside the castle


“We could play in here all day!”




memories are made of this


looking at a millipede their eagle eyes spotted on a little pathway




Getting out of the house for the day where I couldn’t be mentally distracted or succumb to housework; where we couldn’t wander in different directions, pretending we’re going to come back together for quality time. This is what I needed. This is what we needed. I’m looking forward to going back and next time it won’t be ten years in the making.




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4 responses to “Mother’s Day at the gardens

  1. Where do you live? I want to visit this place. I love the miniature train station. I’m sure your boys loved every minute of it.

  2. Your day looks like fun! We went away for the day, too and I agree that it’s the best way to reconnect. If I’m at home, I’m always distracted by something! 🙂

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