a fun first

Our boys love to ride their bikes and this year all three of them are very good at riding. As of late, while they rode their bikes, Robert and I would walk because we didn’t have bikes. This was posing a problem because the boys had to keep stopping and waiting for us to catch up to them, and it was cramping their style :/  When they’re on their bikes, they’re little speedsters.

So Robert and I asked ourselves what we were waiting for and decided it was a great time to get ourselves bicycles. Now, we haven’t kept abreast the bicycle world and what it has to offer these days, so we had no idea how many choices and decisions were to be had when purchasing a bike. Was it wrong that we felt a tad bit overwhelmed? Hard tail or dual suspension, spring shocks vs. hydraulic shocks, disc brakes, wheel size, gear options, and on it goes. Robert loves to research so I let him have at it. Ultimately, we settled on mid grade Schwinn mountain bikes that were on sale at Wal Mart. We got the twinsies guy/girl versions.

With our new bikes out of the boxes and put together, this past weekend, for the first time ever, we went on a family bike ride! We have this really great trail right by our house so we tooled on over there and rode.

First family bike ride!

First family bike ride!

We saw for or five deer and rabbits on our bike ride.

We saw a handful of deer and rabbits on the trail.

The boys got new helmets which they love!

The boys got new helmets which they love!

Crossing the bridge over the river.

Crossing the bridge over the river.

Robert downloaded a cool mountain biking app that tracks distance, path, and calories burned by gps.

We actually rode 4 miles, but the phone died before we could capture the rest of the trip!

We actually rode 4 miles, but the phone died before we could capture the rest of the trip!

The boys held up remarkably well, but Baby Boy was having a little difficulty towards the end.20140625-230025-82825831.jpg I had worked all day, the guys were on the go all day, so Robert and I started out a little worn. But what a great way to spend a summer evening! For my first run on my Schwinn, I liked it pretty well. It needs a little tweaking and I was reminded that I’m not fifteen anymore, as the seat seemed small. Ahem. …Still, I felt like a kid racing my boys and yelling YOLO! They got a big kick out of finally riding with mommy and daddy. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun on our first bike outing and it ended up being energizing and relaxing all at the same time.

The next day Robert asked Little Man how his legs felt after the ride and if they were sore. Little Man said “My legs feel good. Strong!”. He and Middle Man could have kept going and going, like little energizer bunnies.



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2 responses to “a fun first

  1. normaleverydaylifeblog

    It’s such a great milestone when everyone can ride a bike together. I’m sure you’ll enjoy using that trail often! 🙂

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